Friday, July 27, 2012

Loving instagram

It's been a month since I hooked up to #9pmhabit of #igersmanila! It's an organization of photo lovers wherein instagrammers are ask to tag photos according to theme of the day. There are lots of igers contest actually, but it's igersmanila where I got new friends, unite with my fellow hobbyist, where photos + filters bind us every 9pm to 11 pm. It's amazing how instagram transformed me and my perspective on things. I now appreciate mess and turn it to masterpiece. Through photos and likes from my followers, I keep on improving my photography skills and it keeps me fascinated to bring things to a new dimension. I had lots of good and not so good photos uploaded in instagram but this one made it to be "the chosen one".

I was shouting for joy when I found out that my photo was chosen. I was in hotel 950 in Clark back then.

What's more addictive to instagram are the experiences, cultural differences, and individuality of instagrammers defined through their photos. Through instagram I've reached Paris, New York and Chicago. I've roamed around Disneyland, experienced cherry blossoms and a lot more.

Going places has been easy and digital. Oh I love instagram!

One morning in PPA batangas, we spotted two mushrooms on the field. Good thing I had the slr with me. This was edited in pixlromatic app for iPad and I applied vignette as finishing touch.,

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  1. I haven't joined the instagram bandwagon, simply because I don't have an iphone or an android. The photo looks good btw. No wonder it has been chosen.