Monday, March 12, 2012

Finding Everland

I first heard of Everland in Korina Sanchez's Balitang K, as she features one of the world's biggest theme parks in the world. From then on, my heart lingers to experience the majestic fun and festivities in Everland Korea

In our second day in the land of morning calm, we finally get the chance to see and experience fantasies, adventures and awesome attractions plus the freezing weather at -2 degrees. Despite the cold, chilling atmosphere, we fearlessly explored Everland.  

First ride was a simple ups and downs at the human sky :) 

Next ride was at Double Rock Spin; the powerful spinning and rhythm of this ride gave us an almost-vomit experience, plus the thrill that we don't know what's gonna happen next! 

Finally we're out! We made it :)

Next ride is common in most theme parks but the size and speed of Everland's   Rolling X-Train is super exciting with two 360-degree revolutions! 

And how could I forget Pororo? We didn't understand the language but I'm sure he's a superhero for the bubbles; thanks to 3D technology.

There are lots of photo spots everywhere! 

Day or night, Everland is a picture of fantasies, magnificent architecture and happy faces. Thanks to Alex and Paul for the photos.. 

A wonderful vacation indeed!

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  1. wow didn't know you went to south korea. i am so inggit!!!!